Anniversary Post: Anthony Zerbe

Anthony Zerbe

On this day, 20 May, in 1936, the actor Anthony Zerbe was born. And he’s still alive. So happy 84th birthday, Anthony!

It’s also James Stewart’s birthday, but I didn’t choose him because I really don’t like him. Even films that I like which feature him are reduced by that fact. The Philadelphia Story is almost destroyed by him. Really: I don’t understand how he was ever a star. He was a very annoying guy!

Younger people probably know Zerbe as the least annoying Councillor in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. But he’s a character actor and that means he’s been in a bunch of different things.

He had notable performances in Rooster Cogburn, Who’ll Stop the Rain, and The Dead Zone. But I know him best in the part of Matthias in Omega Man.

The thing I most like about Anthony Zerbe is that he’s always interesting. Second is that he’s always likable, even when he plays bad guys.

I’m glad he’s still around and still working.

Anthony Zerbe from the trailer for The Laughing Policeman (1973) in the public domain.

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