Vilified Comedies Films You Should Watch

Even though Michael Weldon considered many straight comedies to be psychotronic films, I do not. But this website is also dedicates comedies that have gone unappreciated. This is something that happens far more with comedies because critics have this idea that expensive comedies are unacceptable. They think many other things. I believe comedies are the hardest films to make and so I am thrilled to be able to use Psychotronic Review to introduce readers to these great films.

I will leave you with a great Dustin Hoffman quote that sums up what this is all about, “Just about everyone I’ve ever met that makes a face when [Ishtar] is brought up has not seen it.” Right! People don’t know anything about films. So they trust films. They shouldn’t, because critics are idiots. They should read this film.

Comedies You Really Should See

Silly, sweet film about two incompetent songwriters who get caught up in international intrigue while working in Morocco. The best film you were ever told was bad.
Krippendorf’s Tribe
crewball comedy about an anthropologist who heals his family’s pain at the loss of their mother by inventing a New Guinea tribe.
The President’s Analyst
A psychiatrist becomes the president’s analyst but finds he can’t take it and runs away. Spies the world over go looking for him Funny social satire.

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