Hall of Shame

Welcome to the Psychotronic Review Hall of Shame! This is where we criticize the critics. Because in a lot of ways this site is all about our hatred of critics. Even the worst filmmakers have created far more than any of the professional “film critics” that litter the print and digital publishing world.

Critics’ Shamefulness

There are a number of things that critics do over and over rather than honestly engaging with films. Here is (probably an increasing) list:

  • Making broad generalizations: “Everything from the script to the art direction to the cinematography is incompetent!”
  • Complaining (implicitly) that the film is not some other film: “Why didn’t they develop the father-son relationship in this slasher film?!”
  • Reporting the plot incorrectly.
  • Attacking filmmakers for personal reasons: “Dreyfuss must be back on coke to take this film!”
  • Nitpicking the plot: “How did they even get Kong into the boat?!”

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