Psychotronic Films You Should Watch

This page will be an increasing list of the films that we’ve written about here.

Alabama’s Ghost
Follow Alabama as he becomes the modern Carter the Great. He becomes famous through the machinations of a band of vampires that plan to enslave humanity through him using the work of a Nazi vampire. Meanwhile, Carter’s ghost is haunting and hectoring Alabama. You’ve never seen anything like it. A must see. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a decent copy of it and there doesn’t appear to be a good copy of it.
Angel Heart
A private detective is hired by a religious loony to find a man only to find himself drawn into a web of occult beliefs and murders that point to him. This is one of my very favorite films and it is available on a number of good releases.
A parody of King Kong — in particular the 1976 Dino De Laurentiis blockbuster. People always get confused thinking that filmmakers were trying to make great films when they were just taking the piss at what they saw as pretentious filmmakers. This is a film you really have to see.
Attack of the Puppet People
A Bert I Gordon classic: a desperately lonely doll maker shrinks people to doll size so that he will never be lonely. Eventually, the dolls attempt to escape.
Blood Feast
This is the first gore film about a mad Egyptian caterer who kills young women to make a “blood feast” to bring back the goddess Ishtar. The good is as good as it is today and the film is more fun than ever. You absolutely must watch this 67 minute masterpiece.
Bloody Mallory
French demon fighters go in search of kidnapped pope. They are led by Mallory who unknowingly married a demon and then killed him on their wedding night. As a result, she has been corrupted by Evil blood, which she must face in this silly, but oddly profound, fun ride.
Bubba Ho-Tep
The real Elvis changes places with an Elvis impersonator. Decades later he finds himself in a retirement home where a black man who believes he is JFK fight a mummy that is feeding off the souls at the home. It makes more sense than you would think.
Buffalo Rider
The story of a guy who rides a buffalo. Part nature documenty, part revenge comedy, all over-narrated! A remarkable film and the source for the “Guy on a Buffalo” music videos.
Christopher R Mihm
Since 2006, Christopher R Mihm has made one feature per year direct-to-video in the style (mostly) of 1950s science fiction films. We look at all of them individual and together.
Dead Snow: Red vs Dead
This is probably the silliest zombie film ever, and I’m including Sean of the Dead. The first Dead Snow was a pretty standard zombie movie, except that the zombies were Nazis. This one brings in the Red Army and three American zombie expert nerds. It is played for laughs even though it still has its tense moments. This is not a film to miss.
Demolition Man
It’s a big-budget Joel Silver action film. But it is filled with so much wit and charm, you can’t help but love it. And Psychotronic Review answer the ultimate question: what ever happened to Spartan’s daughter? Admit it: you want to know!
Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
A bed is possessed by a demon — or something. Art film mascaraing as horror. A must see.
El Topo
Sit back and relax as Alejandro Jodorowsky takes on the most bizarre western adventure of your life. “It’s art; but is it psychotronic?” Indeed it is!
Elvira Movies
Two films starring Elvira — comedic horror at its best.
Horrors of Spider Island
A dance troupe gets stranded on an island with a large spider. Man turned monster threatens the rest of the female cast. Mostly, a lot of women in their underwear engage in catfights. Better than it sounds.
Lucio Fulci’s Gates of Hell Trilogy
Three of the greatest horror films ever made: City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, and The House by the Cemetery.
Horrors of Spider Island
A dance troupe gets stranded on an island with a large spider. Man turned monster threatens the rest of the female cast. Mostly, a lot of women in their underwear engage in catfights. Better than it sounds.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Stories of an old style newspaper man who is constantly uncovering bizarre monsters and similar, which always get suppressed because Kolchak is the kind of man who never wins — but is always winning.
Lady Frankenstein
An early 1970s take on the old classic. A surprisingly good and creepy film. Made in Italy, it even stars Joseph Cotten. It’s a film you’ll want to watch more than once. In addition to discussing the film, I provide a time-stamp table comparing the short and long versions.
The Last Man on Earth
The first filmed version of Richard Matheson’s classic novel holds up incredibly well.
The Milpitas Monster
The excessive trash in Milpitas has caused a monster to develop or take up residence. It feeds on garbage and steals garbage cans. Something of a King Kong parody, it was produced a Milpitas high school photography class. Surprisingly well made.
Night Gallery
A horror television series featuring between one and four stories per episode. It ran from 1970 through 1973 (1969 pilot) with a total of 44 episodes, most of them hour long.
Omega Doom
A post-apocalyptic remake of Yojimbo. A badass robot, Omega Doom, walks into a town caught in the middle of a war between two rival robot gangs. Omega Doom sets the gangs against each other freeing the town.
Poe Cycle (8 Films by Roger Corman — arguably his best)
Eight films mostly based on Poe stories. All excellent. This is what Roger Corman’s reputation is based on. Most of his other work is sub-par.
The Psychotronic Man
A genre-bending films combining a horror film about a man who gets telekinetic powers he can’t control and doesn’t want and a police procedural. It’s a low budget film that looks like it isn’t. It starts slows but builds continuously to a very exciting conclusion.
Thorough analysis of this surreal horrror film.
Robot Monster
Typical 1950s B sci-fi film, but with a gorilla in a diving helmet as the monster. Everyone loves it. They pretend not to, but they do. It’s great. How could it not be?
A postmodern circus with a tire rolling around the desert making heads explode. What’s not to like?!
Space: 1999
A group of people are stranded on Moonbase Alpha after an explosion throws the Moon out of Earth’s gravity, traveling through the universe visiting various planets along the way. Totally unbelievable, but solid stories with great acting.
They Saved Hitler’s Brain vs The Madmen of Mandoras
They used The Madmen of Mandoras to create a Frankenstein’s monster of They Saved Hitler’s Brain. Great title though!
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
The story of four high school students who battle the satanism that the town was founded on in the 1960s (when satanism was cool). Hilariously silly with ridiculous amounts of blood. For the right person, a pure delight.
Turbo Kid
In a post-apocalyptic world, a teenager must survive with the help of a “friend robot” Apple and arm wrestling champion Frederic as they fight against authoritarian leader Zeus.
The Twilight Zone
Science fiction and fantasy episodes. Every episode stands alone.
Under the Skin
A woman seduces men and then traps them in a kind of gel for unknow reasons.
The Valley of Gwangi
A Ray Harryhausen film about cowboys who discover dinosaurs. It’s an odd one but with great effects.

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