Anniversary Post: Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

On this day, 6 May, in 1935, Bride of Frankenstein went into wide release in the US.

I have a very special memory of this film. When I was eight-years-old, I watched it on television with my older brother and sister. And it frightened me so much that I vomited.

It’s shocking to me now because it’s the sweetest film. The one scene that most stands out to me is when the Monster and Bride sit together and he pats her hand. Then he sees her reaction and he’s heartbroken.

“She hate me. Like others.”

But everything about the film is a joy. I don’t think that Ernest Thesiger has gotten enough credit as Dr Pretorius. There aren’t many actors who could make you believe they would really have a picnic in a crypt.

He’s especially great up against Colin Clive as Dr Frankenstein, who spends the whole film whining about what he’s doing. The truth is, I’d rather he and Elizabeth had died and the others had lived. Imagine how great the sequels would have been with Dr Pretorius!

I now consider Bride of Frankenstein to be a feel-good film — something I put on when I’m feeling down. I recommend getting Frankenstein: The Legacy Collection, which includes the first five films. The last three aren’t as good but they are still worth watching — especially for Bela Lugosi.

Bride of Frankenstein poster by Universal Pictures in the public domain.

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