The world of film, much less psychotronic film, is filled with weird jargon. So we’ve created this page so that we can link to terms that we use in other articles. This page started because of the term “nudie-cutie.” It will always be a work in progress. And please feel free to make suggestions.

A sexploitation sub-genre, nudie-cuties followed (but coexisted with) the nudist colony films. Rather than pretending to be simply a story that took place in a nudist camp, these films simply featured naked or nearly women. The first of these is generally considered Russ Meyer’s The Immoral Mr Teas. They were followed by the roughies.
The roughies were a seb-genre of sexploitation. They followed (but coexisted with) the nudist and nudie-cutie films. Basically, they were nudie-cuties, but with implied sex and rape. They also included explicit violence toward women. As time went on, the implied sex and rape became more explicit. There is a clear line from these films to a large portion of video porn where when female humiliation is either implicit or explicit. As with the nudie-cuties, Russ Meyer is usually credited with creating the sub-genre in Lorna (1964). However, I believe title rightly belongs to the Lewis-Friedman film Scum of the Earth! (1963). I think the reason people dismiss it is that ultimately, it is an incredibly sweet film.

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