Anniversary Post: Demon Seed

Demon Seed

On this day, 8 April, in 1977, the science fiction horror classic Demon Seed was released to the world. (It premiered in Los Angeles the week before, but today was its official release.)

When I was 14, my parents took the family to see Demon Seed at the drive-in theater. You might think that’s an odd choice for a family movie, but things were different back then. People didn’t assume “family entertainment” meant “children’s entertainment.”

The film was terrifying. It’s even more so when I watch it now. What’s shocking is that this is a genre film aimed at thoughtful adults. I don’t think I really grokked the rape scene when I was a kid.

What’s more, none of the three characters is evil. They all just have conflicting needs. I highly recommend watching Demon Seed. It has aged remarkably well!

Also on 8 April

Rabid opened in 1977 and The Players Club in 1998.

Mary Pickford (Coquette) was born in 1892, John Gavin (Psycho) in 1931, Tim Thomerson (Trancers) is 74, Jim Piddock (A Mighty Wind) is 64, Robin Wright (The Princess Bride) is 54, and Patricia Arquette (Bringing Out the Dead) is 52.

Special effects artist Douglas Trumbull (2001: A Space Odyssey) is 78 and director John Madden (Shakespeare in Love) is 71.

Demon Seed poster via Wikipedia under Fair Use.

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