Recent Additions: October 2021

Psychotronic Review

Pretty good month for films. The standout was Benny Loves You, the best killer-puppet film I’ve ever seen. And, you know, I’m seen a lot of them. They are kind of my thing. I love puppets and I love gore. It’s my subgenre.

Also of note is the BBC production Ghostwatch. It’s very effective but it’s mostly interesting in that it was presented as a regular show and apparently terrified the people of UK.

Another great one is The People Under the Stairs. Even when Wes Craven is bad he’s good. And this one is tremendous fun. It’s an interesting contrast to The Goonies, which is hard to sit through.

Sugar Hill is also a whole lot of fun — the lighter side of Blaxploitation. And I revisited Silent Hill, which is as good as I remember.

Finally, if you’ve never seen it, you really must see Them! It is the first and best of the giant bug films.

October 2021 Films

  1. The Alligator People (1959)
  2. Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)
  3. Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
  4. Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)
  5. Benny Loves You (2019)
  6. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970)
  7. Daniel Isn’t Real (2019)
  8. Dave Made a Maze (2017)
  9. Fade to Black (1980)
  10. Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974)
  11. Ghostwatch (1992)
  12. The Goonies (1985)
  13. Gunslinger (1956)
  14. Harold and Maude (1971)
  15. Horror Express (1972)
  16. The Lighthouse (2019)
  17. The Mortuary Collection (2019)
  18. Motel Hell (1980)
  19. The Negotiator (1998)
  20. Oasis of the Zombies (1982)
  21. The People Under the Stairs (1991)
  22. Run Silent, Run Deep (1958)
  23. Silent Hill (2006)
  24. Slither (2006)
  25. Sugar Hill (1974)
  26. Terror Train (1980)
  27. Them! (1954)
  28. Tormented (1960)

See you next month!

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