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Psychotronic Review

I’ve now done over a month’s worth of Anniversary Posts. The idea was that with the stay-at-home orders, I should keep busy. The problem is that this is the way my life normally is. I don’t have any extra time!

But the good aspect of this is that all the activity has raised our traffic. It’s now more than double what it was just a month ago. But it is a lot of work to do these every day. In fact, I’m taking a break today and posting this instead.

It’s often hard to find anything really interesting to write about. It’s even harder to find anything psychotronic to write about. So I may transition into making this a now-and-then thing. I’m feeling kind of gloomy about it right now because I’m exhausted.

The following list does not include at least 8 films I’ve recently watched but haven’t had time to post.

  • Bad Moon (1996): a pretty good werewolf film with great practical effects. Other than that, it’s interesting in that it looks at what a man would do if he found out he was a werewolf.
  • Bandits (2001): this big-budget crime comedy failed at the box office and I have no idea why. It’s a lot of fun.
  • Bigfoot vs DB Cooper (2014): I was so excited when I saw this title. How could you go wrong? The script almost writes itself. But this film really isn’t about DB Cooper or Bigfoot. It’s about a group of beautiful boys hanging out shirtless in a forest. That’s fine but a total waste of the best movie title I’ve heard in years.
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954): this film seemed to always be playing on TV when I was a kid. And I can see why I didn’t care for it. It’s a bit adult. What a fine picture!
  • Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005): don’t listen to what the haters say. This is a solid zombie picture. Just because it has nothing to do with George Romero doesn’t make it bad!
  • Django (1966): this is one of the best Spaghetti Westerns. It’s over the top with a hero who’s far too good with a gun and a villain so evil he shoots poor Mexicans for sport as their children watch.
  • eXistenZ (1999): it’s amazing how long I take to add some of my favorite films. This is one of two or three of David Cronenberg’s best.
  • The Ghouls (2003): super low-budget video with an unusual gritty charm. Timothy Muskatell is superb as the sleaziest paparazzi ever who happens upon ghouls feeding on the homeless population of LA.
  • Harper (1966): Paul Newman stars as a PI whose life is falling apart but still cracks the case. It’s a good one to show your parents. And it features a great cast.
  • The Jackals (1967): What a bizarre one this is! Vincent Price plays on old prospector in South Africa who must deal with some bandits. It doesn’t play out as you’d expect. And Price isn’t in it as much as I’d like. But when he is it is a thing of beauty.
  • Legacy of Blood (1973): The children of a dead man start dying as they stay in his house as required by the will. The bad guy is exactly who you think it is. Except it isn’t!
  • The Ninth Gate (1999): Something seems off in this Roman Polanski film and yet it works. But I can see why people were disappointed.
  • Panman (2011): What a supremely bizarre film this is. It’s a wonderful parody of a slasher film. But it’s so much more. Sadly, I seem to be one of the few people who thing so.
  • Repligator (1998): This is about a military weapon that makes women become sex-pots. But when they get sexually aroused, they turn into alligators. Do you need to know more?!

Sorry for the short list this month. Like I said, I’m behind. I’ll get caught up soon though.

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