Anniversary Post: The Evil

The Evil (1978)

On this day, 5 May, in 1978, the film The Evil was released to the world.

I only just watched it. It’s part of a string of Gothic horror films I’ve been watching. Well, you might not consider it Gothic. But it’s set in this beautiful old house and it just seems Gothic to me.

Notable Moments

The film is especially notable for its three full-body burns. Stunt legend Buddy Joe Hooker did all of them and scarred his face badly during one.

I have an odd relationship with full-body burns. I am terrified of burning so I have great respect for the people who do them. But they are hard for me to fully enjoy because they are rarely necessary. In general, I hate digital effects. But for safety’s sake, I’d prefer to see them.

Other than the burns, all the effects in The Evil are quite simple. And many of them are dazzling. The best is probably when the title “character” drags Lynne Moody around the room tearing her cloths off her.

Great Ending

What really makes this film stand-out is the denouement featuring Victor Buono. It has such a different tone from the rest of the film. Yet it isn’t wrong. It’s the spark that pushes this film from well-made standard horror into the realm of greatness.

Here is the trailer. If you have the time, the thing is worth watching.

The Evil poster via Wikipedia under Fair Use.

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